I started this bloggin\’ shit
And this the muh\’fuckin thanks I get? {Hello..}

Did I fall off? Got you in your room
rippin every \”MasterX\” poster on your wall off
Just cause I put away the sawed off
Now I got you sittin back with a smirk;
readin\’ with your arms crossed
Questionin Dan\’s credibility {What?}
Wondering if it\’s still in me to produce blogs;
Y\’all be killin me
As if I need to make mo\’ – I started writtin\’
and got copycats that admit its so – suck my dick! {Hello..}
I came a long way from not givin a fuck
Writtin\’ shit just for myself to movin this far up
Now I got the whole world starstruck
Don\’t have the readers I deserve and still don\’t give a motherfuck
Motherfucker I\’m Dan – I don\’t need your respect
I don\’t need to make another blog bitch I don\’t gotta do shit
I do it because I want to not to stay in the game
Fuck the fame, I\’m still stayin the same, lil\’ bitch! {Hello..}

I started this Bloggin\’ shit
And this the motherfuckin thanks I get? {Hello..}

<asfter Ice Cube ft. Dr. Dre & MC Ren – Hello>

Stay tunned…

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